Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)


GooPoll is an online community of individual who participate in surveys and earn rewards, including vouchers and cash payments. The community is free to join and most surveys pay rewards in return for members’ participation in online surveys and polls.

Taking part in Surveys

After registering your free account, you will be sent an email to confirm your registration. You will need to complete some basic demographic information. You will then qualify to take part in surveys. You may be notified of new surveys by email, but the best way to view and take surveys is to log into your account, either via the GooPoll website or our mobile app, and to look for current surveys.
Surveys are published in the main dashboard area, but survey notifications are also sent by email.
Profile surveys are a way for GooPoll to gather information about our members, which allows us to send relevant surveys to our members. Members earn points for filling out their profile, but also will have a greater chance of getting more surveys, increases the likelihood of being correctly selected for surveys. You should update your profile every few months and look to see if new profile questions have been added.

Account & Profile

To cancel your account, log in and go to your name login located at the top right hand corner. Select the unsubscribe option. If you unsubscribe your account by cancelling your membership, your GooPoints will forefeited immediately, and you will no longer be able to redeem them.
If you are already a member, and can login to your account, it is best to login and submit your query via the help section. If you cannot login, or access your account information please use the contact form on the homepage.
You can reset your password by entering your member email address, and clicking on the forgot password link.

Points and Rewards

Yes, we offer cash rewards which can be redeemed via Pay Pal or via your bank account. We also offer various Gift vouchers, such as Amazon and GiftPay.
You need to be registered as a member. You can earn points in several ways, including by registering, completing your profile and recommending GooPoll to friends and family to join. The main way to earn GooPoints is to take surveys published on GooPoll or through surveys sent to you by email.